Empower Your Engineering Team with EngTech Software Solution

Welcome to EngTech Software Solution, where we bring innovation to engineering data management and empower your team to reach new heights of productivity and collaboration. Our cutting-edge product and solution are designed to revolutionize the way your engineering projects are managed, ensuring seamless file management, real-time collaboration, and significant time and cost savings.

Lightning-Fast File Transfers
Say goodbye to slow file uploads and downloads. Our sliced object technology breaks design files into smaller pieces, allowing for lightning-fast transfers to and from the cloud. Experience a significant reduction in waiting times and unleash your team's productivity.
Seamless Collaboration
Collaboration lies at the heart of successful engineering projects. With our multi-user access and role-based permissions, your team can work together in real-time, providing feedback and making updates without the constraints of geographical barriers.
Effortless File Organization
No more digging through shared folders to find the latest version of a design. Our folder structure and robust version control system keep everything organized and easily accessible, eliminating the risk of working with outdated files.
Engineering Change Requests (ECRs)
Our system implements a comprehensive ECR management system, enabling engineers to initiate, track, and manage engineering change requests seamlessly.
Notification and Alerts
Stay informed and connected with relevant stakeholders through automated notifications and alerts for file changes, approvals, and other critical updates.
Change History Log
Maintain a detailed change history log, allowing engineers to track and trace the evolution of files and changes made, ensuring transparency and accountability.
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Introducing Our Cloud-Based Sliced Object PDM System: Streamlining Engineering Data

Our flagship product is a cloud-based sliced object Product Data Management (PDM) system, carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of engineering firms like yours. We understand the challenges engineers face in managing vast amounts of data, version control, and ensuring seamless collaboration among team members. With our innovative solution, those challenges become opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Elevate Your Engineering Process

Imagine a seamless engineering workflow, where your team can focus on innovation and creativity, rather than getting lost in data management tasks. EngTech Software Solution empowers your engineers to do just that, unleashing their potential and driving your projects toward success.

Who Can Benefit from EngTech Software Solution?

Our solution is tailored to serve a diverse range of industries

Medium and Large Enterprises

Whether you are a medium-sized firm or a global enterprise, our solution is scalable to meet your growing needs, ensuring that your engineering data is managed with precision and efficiency

Experience Engineering Excellence with EngTech Software Solution

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Join leading engineering firms across Canada in embracing the future of engineering data management. Let our innovative solution unlock new possibilities for your team, providing you with the competitive edge you need to thrive in a rapidly evolving industry.

At EngTech Software Solution

we believe

that engineering excellence is not a destination; it’s a continuous process of improvement. Together, let’s elevate your engineering processes and shape a brighter future for your projects.


Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards engineering excellence with EngTech Software Solution!